UCL students get voting: The Leadership Race is open and your vote matters

The voting for the UCL Student Union Election is now open

More students than ever before have put themselves forward to lead clubs, societies and the Students’ Union this year. This week you have the opportunity to decide who will represent you next year and, therefore, the way UCL’s clubs, societies and Union will be run. The candidates you select will directly impact university life in 2021/2 – this is why your vote counts.

Voting is now open. You can read and hear more about the candidates for the Sabbatical, Part-time and Clubs and Society nominees on the Students’ Union website where you can additionally find the ‘Question the Candidates’ videos of Carol interviewing the nominees. If you have questions you specifically want to ask a candidate, you can do so at their virtual stall. (For more information on the candidates for Clubs and Societies committee positions look on the Union Website.)

These are the candidates for the paid Sabbatical officers you can elect for next year, as well as their campaign slogans. To read their full manifestos click here.

The Union have  suggested six key reasons why you should vote:

1) “A new team of student leaders will be elected this week. It makes sense to choose who they are. They work for you after all, representing you to UCL.”

2) “You’re part of the UCL community, even if you haven’t always felt like it. By voting this week, you’ll have a say in what kind of community you’re part of.”

3) “The more students who vote, the more powerful student voices become. Elected students need your backing to make big changes. Get behind student power, just by voting.”

4) “Think about this year, now think about what you want to happen next year. The students you elect this week will be getting paid to make next year amazing. So, what do you want?”

5)  “Have you ever voted? Perhaps you haven’t had the chance to vote before – you’re in for a treat. Make this your first time, you’ll never forget it.”

6) “Leaving us this year? Leave your mark on UCL. Elect next year’s student leaders and leave a little legacy for those that come after you.”

Activities and Engagement Officer

Rhianna Robinson – Listening to you, for the change you deserve.

Ilyas Benmouna – #BackBenmouna, For real influence at UCL!

Megan McKee – For a UCL experience that’s more than a degree, vote Meg Mckee!

Education Officer

Keerat Singh

Gigi Vinod – A New Cog for UCL’s Educational Clock!

Ayman Benmati – Someone who can work with UCL, whilst holding them account, for you.

Equity Officer

Arifa Aminy

Kevin Lau

Haruka Shuei – Tired of reading lengthy manifesto in text? This stall has a VIDEO manifesto!;)

Postgraduate Officer

Melissa Mahmud – Let’s create a postgraduate “Gemeinde”

Viktoria Makai – I’ll fight for your interests

Hao Zhang – We, postgraduate students will never compromise to the new normal

Matthew Hancock – “The better Matt Hancock” ensuring the Provost delivers on the student experience promise.

Welfare and Community Officer

Madina Khusnullina – Vote for the change!

Mansi Baguant – Better together!

Joey Cleary – Create. Ensure. Expand.

Çagri (Chaa) Ustaoglu – Let’s foster a global community… ChooseChaa


Yasmeen Daoud – Don’t be mean, vote Yaseen!

Ahsana Parammal Vatteri – Community for All!

Union Affairs Officer

Kara Morris – Working Together, Prioritising You!

Osman Teklies – Your Voice for Positive Change

Moise Mbarga-Abega

Kayleigh Jackson – Amplify you voice! A vote for Kayleigh is a vote for you!


Isaac Hanson – It doesn’t have to be this way; let’s rebuild together!

Oveis Rezazadeh – Help me make the changes you want to see. Tell me what I’m missing!

Tonja Nguyen – MAKE UCL GREAT (again?)

How to Vote:

Even if you’re still uncertain about how to vote the Student Union Website is both intuitive and provides a step by step guide on how to engage and interact with the Candidates Fair. There are virtual stalls that you can visit and you will be able to watch the ‘Question the Candidates’ Events on the Question Time tab. You can also save candidates stalls to return to later. However, if you know who you’re looking for you can search using their name or the position they’re running for. Candidates are displayed under the roles they have applied for and if you click on their name you can see their manifesto and what they plan to do for you. Once you have decided which candidate’s manifesto inspires you the most, all you have to do is VOTE.

Voting closes March 19th so get your votes in now!