Quiz: Which area of London should you move to for second year?

Just accept that we can’t all be cool enough to live in Coal Drops Yard

After a confusing, terrifying and exclusively online year so far at UCL, I can imagine that the poor first-year souls among you are feeling just a tad bewildered at the prospect of moving out of halls and into an actual flat with real-life people that aren’t just classmates on Zoom. From the timeless popularity of Camden Town, to the up and coming scenes at Angel, and even the bloody peace and quiet of Maida Vale, everyone belongs somewhere different to live out their uni career and it’s pretty difficult to figure out where that is.

But never fear, because we have created a factually impeccable way of letting you know where you should be living, proven by science. Tell us your study habits, night out of choice and go-to jeans retailer (because where you buy jeans obviously says a lot about you as a person), and we’ll tell you the second year location of your dreams.

Whether you’ve gathered a whole bunch of mates who you want to live with, are thinking of keeping it very small or literally have no idea what you’re planning, we’re here providing the facts to keep in mind when it comes round to settling down. No matter what you’ve been told, though, I have to stress that it really isn’t the end of the world if you end up further out than your precious Zone 1.