Plan your perfect London Valentine’s Day and we’ll tell you what you’ll actually be doing

You *have* to stop listening to Taylor Swift and thinking you’ll find a Romeo

Arguably the easiest way to tell who’s single and who’s not in this modern-day and age lies within the power of Insta stories, and this lockdown Valentines we’re definitely in for a treat. This year, we won’t just know which couples are completely loved up and absolutely thriving with life, but it will be 10 times clearer who is literally on the verge of a breakdown on the other end of the scale. God really is a cruel mistress.

Whether you’re planning a super romantic Hyde Park date with flowers and a giant teddy bear or a chain-smoking session in your room with the lights turned off and the true-crime docs blaring, it’s pretty clear that this year definitely won’t be the best V Day in history.

So tell us your perfect way to spend this dreaded day, and we’ll guess how you’ll actually be spending it. (Just don’t hate us if you end up romanticising over 2006 Taylor Swift with your gal pals because I don’t make the rules.)