Stranded in London? It’s not all doom and gloom here’s some Covid friendly activities to pass the time

Its time to get out of Bloomsbury and explore the big smoke

You were brave, a martyr if you will. You came back to London and braved the nasty virus, but; uh oh, Boris has announced a full-on lockdown.

Now you’re stuck here, paying a stupid amount of money on rent, with nothing to do.

Well don’t you worry about that sunshine, I have found some things that will most certainly pass the time, and stop you feeling like a butterfly trapped within its cocoon. Here are some things you can do whilst spending your time locked-down in London.

Go and get yourself lost and see what you find

We live in one of the most famous and historic cities in the world, and yet, most of us have never even ventured outside of Bloomsbury. One thing that you can do when you’ve got nothing to do is get on the tube or bus, and just go and see where it takes you. You’re bound to see something cool. It also radiates serious ‘main character of a coming of age movie’ vibes when you’re walking around London listening to girl in red. Walk, cycle, bus, or even tube it literally anywhere, and then just have a wonder round. Maybe even try and walk home. You will definitely see something interesting.

Camden Market Food Stalls

Ever wondered what Camden Market is like when you’re not in a tsunami of people being heaved in every direction? Well wonder no more!

It’s so quiet, but the food stalls (most of them) are still open! The best part is, if you know what you’re doing, you can go and have your lunch for free with the insane amount of free samples you can get. Not only that, but you can still walk around the entire market and not feel bad for not buying anything. It’s time for the Fiat 500 girls to go and take some Instagram pics under that alleyway with all the umbrellas in.

Borough Market

A tried and tested way of being able to get decent wine at a decent price. What could be better than walking down Southbank with your flatmates on a beautiful London evening and then getting a sexy a couple of bottles of wine that you can send later that evening.

Also, there is a monumental amount of cheese for those who of you who maybe want to have a wine and cheese night whilst watching Ratatouille. Also just look at how sexy it is.

Primrose Hill

Now look, I’m sorry to be that person, but we all have to just shut up and admit that the views up their absolutely slap. I would personally recommend walking there after you and your flatmates have had a heavy night of drinking, and you feel like an adventure is needed.

Then you can be the only people there and have another serious main character moment on top of the hill.

Any of the parks

London’s parks are iconic. Big walks around Hyde, bird watching and St James’ and who could for tinnies at Regent’s all summer long. However, park trips are often tarnished by the number of screaming children you’re surrounded by and trying to fight for your small patch of ground.

Worry no more! The tourists are gone and the parks are sweet spots for a peaceful think or some exercise.

Walk the Canals

For many people, it’s easy to forget that the Canal actually goes further than Camden and Coal Drops Yard. Whilst both are beautiful making a big walk of the Canal will take you to some absolute gems.

If you head West you will pass the Zoo (sometimes you can see some hyenas from the walk), the mansions of St John’s Wood and you’ll end in the glorious Little Venice.

If you head East from Camden you’ll get to stroll through the delightful King’s Cross area and you can get all the way to Hackney. The canals are such an ideal way to get around because you’re just following a straight line and when you’ve had enough you can just turn around on yourself.

Buy a fog machine and disco lights

Gone are the days of mixing with other sweaty students in the basement of Roxy, and getting 3 jägers for a tenner at loop. It’s a sad reality, but it’s a reality that we quite simply have to face.

This method, however, is tried and tested by yours truly, and let me tell you, after a lot of drinks, this method will turn your flats living room into the new hottest club in London.