UCL confirms a no detriment policy for assessments in 2021

UCL confirms a support package is under development for student assessment and graduation

UCL is working with the Students’ Union to create a no detriment package while stressing the importance of protecting the value of a degree from UCL.  

UCL says it has recognised the detrimental impact of the current climate on students learning and is working hard to “make sure our students are not disadvantaged by the coronavirus pandemic”. The university proposes changes to material on which students will be assessed, exam rubrics and extenuating circumstances procedures.  

UCL promises to only assess students on material they have been taught and information they have ready access to. This could involve changing exam rubric, converting exams into coursework and adjusting coursework deadlines.  

Students are now able to self-certify for extenuating circumstances for up to 14 days on three separate occasions. The university is increasing flexibility in this area and allowing a fourth self-certification upon the provision of compelling evidence.  

All exams shall be open book assessments, and most will be 24 hour exams. If you cannot submit your work within the time periods set, for example due to technical difficulties, students can apply to defer their exams to the late summer exam period without claiming extenuating circumstances.  

UCL will not charge resit fees.  

Further information on the no detriment support package will be announced on 5th February.  

For more information about UCL’s announcement click here. 

Featured Image via Peter Xiao.