UCL Students’ Union announces the “Key Principles” for no detriment this year

Union say they want to get the best policy they can for students

The UCL Students’ Union has just announced that the policies they are working towards with the EACP will be centred on four key principles: support, clear communication, inclusivity and fairness.

This update comes straight from the Students’ Union sabbatical officers who have been working towards securing safety net policies on behalf of the UCL student body and successfully lobbied for the EACP (Examination and Assessment Contingency Panel) to be re-instituted in 2021.

Read the SU’s latest update in full below.

Ayman said:
“We had our first EACP (Examination and Assessment Contingency Panel) meeting today. As it was the first meeting, we thought it would be wise to come up with some key principles around which we’re going to form this policy.

“As you may have seen, last week we wrote a letter to the Russell Group alongside some other SU’s expressing our concern as to the statement put out last week regarding No Detriment Policies and Safety Net’s.

“In today’s EACP meeting it was decided that we’re going to centre all our conversations around the ideas and guidance put out in this letter which is really great news.

“We’re still working on the wording for these four key principles but just to give you an idea.
“1. Any policy has got to support students in their learning

“2. UCL has got to be consistent, flexible and forthcoming in its communications and is supportive of you as students

“3. Any policy has to be consistent and equitable for all students. You’re individuals and have been affected in different ways so we have to cater for every single one of you –  in particular students who come from marginalised backgrounds.

“4. Finally, any policy that we put forward has got to be focused on making sure that your results are the same as the results of previous cohorts, so this pandemic doesn’t have a detrimental impact on your results.”

And Jim said:
“Hi everyone, Like Ayman, I also just came out of the EACP meeting.

“In addition to the stuff he mentioned, we also discussed extenuating circumstances and the work required around that to provide further reassurance for students, along with the other options we could explore.

“It’s early days to provide any definitive answers but please watch this space and please be reassured we’re being thoughtful and will be in consultative.

“We’re not dragging our feet here. We’re aware some other institutions have already released their No Detriment policies but we’re not in that situation.

“We’re trying to ensure that we get the best policy for students and would also ensure that you are brought alongside this journey as we develop it.”

If you have missed the SU’s previous announcement you can read it here.