UCL rolls out free WiFi for students and staff with insufficient existing internet connection

UCL has announced a free WiFi provision for staff and students.

UCL has launched a free Wi-FI provision for staff and students. 

From today, those with poor or no Wi-FI coverage in their home may access BT Public WiFi without an account, across the UK. 

UCL has released a how-to-guide on accessing this provision here.

Although this is a great step from UCL to making online education more accessible, this WiFi does rely on having a BT public hotspot nearby, so will not apply to all who may need it. This means that the service is limited for any students who are not based in the UK. 

However, this is encouraging news for many who have struggled to attend lectures and complete assignments due to Wi-Fi issues at home. 

This also means for many students who have been trying to stretch their loan to pay for high-quality wifi will no longer face the same issues.

However, ten months into this crisis, let’s hope this announcement is not too late for staff and students.