UCL says they are ‘revising and reviewing’ no detriment policy

They’re reviewing their academic policies in light of the pandemic

Vice-Provost Antony Smith has just announced that UCL will be reviewing their no detriment policy in the following statement.

“Dear students,

With the new term beginning and thoughts turning to exams and other assessments, research projects and dissertations, I am writing to let you know that we are revisiting and reviewing our no detriment policy. Being back in national lockdown is not where any of us wanted or hoped to be and so I write to reassure you that we understand this further disruption is causing you real concern. We know you are worried that this means you will not be able do your best work and that you are concerned about comparisons of your performance being made with students before you who have had more in-person access to their tutors and of course to libraries and research materials.

This presents us with a complex set of challenges: we want to reward properly your hard work in the circumstances of the pandemic and ensure that a UCL degree continues to be regarded as amongst the best in the world. I will be discussing this with academic colleagues and student leaders this week, and will keep you updated.

The pandemic continues to throw new challenges at us, but throughout you have been outstanding in your forbearance, resilience and commitment to your studies and to UCL. As the incoming and outgoing Provosts said in their letter at the weekend, we promise that we will support you all the way to achieve your goal of a UCL degree. Thank you for bearing with us a little while longer while we put plans in place.”

They will be updating students via their student news website. 

We will continue to provide updates on the matter.