Tier 4 travel exempt

Students exempt from Tier 4 travel restrictions

Despite Tier 4 restrictions, students are exempt from the travel ban if they need to go home for Christmas

Universities minister, Michelle Donelan, has confirmed that students in Tier 4 areas will be exempt from travel restrictions enabling them to return home for the festive period.

London was plunged into Tier 4 restrictions on Sunday 20th December, which means that all non-essential retail and services are forced to closed and that no household mixing over Christmas is allowed. Travel is also advised against into and out of Tier 4 areas.

However, the government has confirmed that students are exempt from the travel rule. Students are still able to travel in and out of London to their family homes for Christmas.

Students were advised to travel home for the Christmas break in the travel window between the 3rd and 9th of December. However, it might not have been possible for every student to travel during this time, so it will be a relief to know that you will still be able to travel home for Christmas. The government has confirmed they are committed to upholding the promise they made that all university students will be able to travel home for Christmas. The Universities Minister Michelle Donelan has said that it is important to provide ‘clarity and comfort’ for any students who find themselves stuck for Christmas if they have stayed in their university town for reasons such as work placements and jobs and therefore were unable to travel during the travel window earlier in December.

Students are allowed to travel home once and form part of their family’s household between the 3rd December and 7th February 2021. This is still the case, even for students travelling in and out of Tier 4.

There are still international travel restrictions, so international students may still be restricted in travelling home. However, it is good to know that it is still possible to travel home for Christmas despite restrictions and that students will not be subject to a fine for travelling.

London is now under the harshest restrictions in the country, and with Christmas effectively cancelled for millions of people, it is a relief for students who feel trapped in their university accommodation to know that they will be able to go home for Christmas still, and enjoy the comforts of being with family during this hard time.

Source: Times Higher Education