Meet Taylor Castro: we spoke to London’s most famous uni TikToker about UCL life

She’s got 45k and some killer videos

UCL TikToker Taylor Castro was voted the 6th most famous uni TikTokker in the UK. She has got 45k followers, and her account is full of fun videos from discussing private schoolboys to talking about studying at uni.

Not only does her TikTok game bang, but she could totally pass as a Keira Knightley lookalike, and many of her followers would agree.

We interviewed Taylor to find out how she is finding studying at UCL this year and what she has planned for her TikTok in the future.

What course are you studying and what year are you in?

Taylor: I’m doing philosophy and I’m in my 1st year

Did you decide to live in halls, private accommodation or at home, and why? 

T: I live at home because it’s not a long commute into uni and with the current pandemic I thought it made a lot more sense for me personally. 

How are you finding first year online?  

T: I think it’s been very difficult to come to grips that we won’t get the university experience we should be getting and to learn everything by yourself is very hard. Despite that, we’re all in the same boat and everyone on my course works together to make things easier so it’s been okay.

What made you start a TikTok account?  

T:I downloaded TikTok when Musically turned into TikTok because I was curious and I found it hilarious. Especially since it was so similar to vine and I was a massive fan of that. So I just did it for fun.

What direction do you want to take your TikTok account in?  

T:I want to keep my account fun and lighthearted but I would love to be able to speak about important topics and raise awareness for things. I just want to continue to grow and interact with as many people as possible.

What’s your fave TikTok trend?

T: My favourite TikTok trend is when people use a song that makes you feel independent and powerful, they then put a short paragraph of writing which is so motivational and riddled with tons of amazing advice. I love it because I genuinely apply the advice and they make me feel independent too. 

What’s your favourite building on campus? 

T: Typical answer but the Wilkins building. It’s stunning!!! I will never get over it. 

What’s your fave place to study? 

T: My favourite is a coffee shop, you can zone out with no distractions with an unlimited coffee supply. 

What’s your go-to coffee order?  

T: I usually get a flat white. 

What’s the one thing you think all students need to have?  

T: An extremely fast, strong and reliable WiFi connection at all times.

Tell us your dream night out in London!

T: I love to buy outfits specifically for a night out and get really dressed up. An amazing restaurant for dinner with my friends is my favourite option. A good cocktail bar afterwards also works wonders. And of course, make loads of TikToks and take lots of Instagram photos as well.