UCL First Year

UCL First Year in Film: a reflection on the pre-covid uni experience and its highs and lows

In a time before face masks and break out rooms, a look at pre-pandemic UCL First Year in Film

UCL First Year was like a rollercoaster ride cut short. We had the highs and the lows of standard uni experience but then we lost out on the final thrill as we got sent home before term three. However, that is not to say that the two terms we did have weren’t sufficiently eventful. London life can be pretty stressful, but it can also be a time of freedom, curiosity and pure happiness.

I’ve been lucky enough to document some moments of my time at UCL on a film camera, and alongside classic student moments that I’d rather not relive, there’s also a lot of pictures that make me realise how much I love being here.

From the (what feels like) ancient archives of Loop photos and halls photos I’d say that this is as accurate as one could possibly get to ‘UCL life in film’.


21st September 2019

Moving day, somewhere in Chinatown, with a lot of future good friends.

Soho First Year

23rd September 2019

Contemplating cycling home after the Ministry freshers event, knowing full well that hardly any of us would make it from Waterloo to Warren Street alive.

Ministry of Sound Bikes

24th September 2019

The tube on the way to the Scala freshers event, where one of us would end up with a concussion in A&E.

The Northern Line Film

29th September 2019

The first house party with the course girls, at the Marylebone flat we called our second home.

Party Film Photo

1st October 2019

A very happy Jazz Night at Phineas.

Jazz night film

5th October 2019

Chalk Farm bridge, on the way, to see the sunset at Primrose Hill.

Primrose Hill First Year

6th October 2019

Jazz Night, a first-year staple. I miss it 🙁

Jazz Night UCL First Year

8th October 2019

Creating life-lasting bonds with the Northern line.

Northern Line UCL

9th October 2019

A halls kitchen in freshers, before the beer bottle collection got out of hand and many more props were collected.

Astor Collge UCL First Years

13th October 2019

Somewhere in Hackney Wick – the weirdest/best warehouse party I’ve ever gone to.

Warehouse party first year

13th October 2019

The warehouse party getting even weirder.

Warehouse party 2 UCL first year

19th October 2019

On a very cramped bus to an Electric Ballroom event.

First year bus trip

23rd October 2019

Our ‘flat meals’ ritual, which lasted about 2 months but was wholesome all the same.

flat meals first year

25th October 2019

Jazz Cafe event with a very strange ‘experimental music’ set.

Jazz Cafe London

26th October 2019

Astor before a Halloween house party, dressed as traffic cones with the homies.

First year halloween

27th October 2019

Sunset from the Student Centre, overlooking our precious BT tower and UCL campus. Very happy times.

UCL Student Centre Roof

26th November 2019

Carnaby Street at Christmas time.

London Carnaby Street Christmas

27th November 2019

UCL first year must: fancy dress Loop. Here we have a Loop involving pirate hats and shit glow sticks.

UCL Students Loop

7th December 2019

A surprisingly successful halls Christmas dinner, using 3 kitchens’ ovens and with way too much roast veg.

First Year Christmas UCL

9th December 2019

The IOE bar after our last lecture together of the term, in which we played ‘drink if the lecturer reads off the slides’ (if you haven’t played I would definitely recommend).

First Years IOE Bar UCL

15th January 2020.

Another happy Jazz Night, it is the Tuesday Night special that always delivers.

UCL Jazz Night

24th January 2020

Not Cool Club event at the pop-up venue The Cause in Tottenham Hale. Had a bed, highly recommend.

Not Cool Club UCL

8th February 2020

Blues Kitchen Shoreditch for a friend’s 20th. They blacked out in the toilets and were not seen the whole night, sounds like the best way to celebrate your birthday, no?

first year blues kitchen

1st March 2020

Brief goodbye visit to St Paul’s before going home for lockdown. *Sadness incoming*

UCL student St Pauls

7th March 2020

The final farewell, IOE bar, approximately 45 seconds after our lecture ended.

First years IOE bar UCL 2

Whilst UCL first year, like all first-years around the world, ended prematurely what we did have was great. Jazz Nights, the IOE Bar and Loop have a special place in all our hearts and here’s to the vaccine getting us back there.