Posh boy at ball

What brand of posh are you? Take this quiz to find out

Just as there are different types of Spice Girl, there are different types of posh people, but what brand of posh are you?

You’d be wrong to think that within society these days being posh is a unified stereotype. The reality is, that posh simply reflects the umbrella kingdom for all those classifications that come under it. So the question is what brand of posh are you?

Someone’s poshness can be influenced by many factors including upbringing, schooling, lineage and life choices. So, as you can imagine there are many different types of people who come under the classification ‘posh’. We have rigorously delved into the realms of classifying the posh to come up with this algorithm that can determine exactly how posh you are and what sub-classification of posh you fall into.

Interested to find out more, do the quiz to find out your brand of posh!