Another PSA: Somebody is crawling all over the Goldsmiths Carrots

After 29 tonnes of carrots were dumped onto the London university’s campus, there’s been debate on what’s actually going to happen to all of this veg

The harvest festival has seemingly come early to Goldsmiths University, where on Tuesday a shocking 240,000 carrots (and the occasional potato) were dumped onto the campus. And now, people are walking on the carrots.

That’s right people are clambering over that big pile of veg (no one’s really sure why, but they are).

If you don’t believe us look below:

@hpatsgoldsmiths having a normal one i see ##carrots ##goldsmiths ##uni ##london ##fyp ##ihateithere♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Apparently this huge vegetable pile is not a way to try and get students into eating their five-a-day, nor is it a return to the food hoarding we saw at the beginning of the pandemic. They are actually part of an art exhibition, titled “Grounding” by Rafael Pérez Evans, who graduated with a masters in Fine Art from Goldsmiths this year.

Ironically, the piece is said to be a criticism of food waste, which is exactly what the artwork is being criticised for.

Although the artist has stated the carrots will be removed and used to feed animals, students, who are being told the vegetables are not safe for consumption, have been taking them to prevent wastage.

In fact, a group of students have been using the carrots to raise money for local food banks in Lewisham, where currently 37 per cent of children are living below the poverty line. The students have been using the carrots to make soup and cake, which are being sold on campus next to the exhibition.

Whether the carrots are criticising or contributing to food waste is still debatable, but at least one thing’s for sure: Goldsmiths students will be having no problem seeing in the dark.

Featured image via TikTok @hpats

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