PSA: Someone’s dumped three tonnes of carrots on Goldsmiths Uni campus

An art exhibition involving 240,000 carrots? Okay then, someone really wants to see in the dark

Goldsmiths has finally lost it. Today they dumped over a tonne of carrots on their campus. Is three tonnes the golden mean for 20:20 night vision? Is Goldsmiths venturing into the carrot stick industry? Or did someone just go rogue and dump a load of carrots in the middle of campus?

Well, the answer is none of the above. The Goldsmiths press office confirmed the carrots are part of an art exhibition on the campus. An art exhibition that involves over 240,000 carrots. Not one or two, not 100 or 200, 240,000 carrots. 

The press office said: “The carrots are an installation called ‘Grounding’ by the artist Rafael Pérez Evans. Rafael has just completed his Masters in Fine Art at Goldsmiths and his work has been installed as part of the MFA degree show.

“Rafael has arranged for the carrots to be removed at the end of the exhibition run and donated to animals.”


Unsurprisingly the internet is just as confused as we are about the carrot dumping:

Specsavers take on the matter is as follows

Many will be pleased that there was some potato diversity included in the dumping of carrots for this art exhibition.

The next question on everyone’s mind is where will Goldsmiths find a big enough pot of hummus to go with all those carrots?