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Mully’s closed: which places will UCL reopen?

Here is where you will and won’t be able to find your coffees, paninis and peronis on campus as we cover where UCL will reopen in Term One.

We have compiled a full list of all the places on campus that UCL will reopen at the start of term. As well as which spaces are still being considered for reopening at a later date. The Students’ union has stated that these reopening dates are still subject to change “as the situation develops” and opening hours are to be “adjusted/set to reflect footfall.”

Whilst there are some tragic closures including Mully’s and Loop, many spaces have been adapted in response to the pandemic, with the SU implementing “one-way systems, lots of signage and floor markings, more outdoor service and in some cases ordering via an app.”.

So here is the list of places that UCL will reopen at the start of term, during term one and the places that will remain closed:

Confirmed Reopenings 

Bloomsbury Fitness

Bloosmbury Fitness has been open since Thursday 3rd of September, and all previously suspended gym memberships were reactivated on this day. There have been some changes to how the gym will operate, such as a one-way system to enter and leave the gym, social distancing floor markings, multiple hand sanitizer stations, no available shower facilities, and suspended classes.

You will have to book into a session in advance, as, per UCL’s guidance, only a certain number of people are allowed to work out in the gym at any one time. These slots will be between 60-90 minutes long and should be booked 7 days in advance. You can book these sessions online if you are a member, and in-person if you are not a member. Bloomsbury fitness has advised you not to arrive earlier than your booked slot in order to manage any congestion, and if to please cancel your booking if you are unable to make your session.

The opening times will be 7:30 am until 7 pm on weekdays, and 9 am until 7 pm on weekdays. The gym will be closed at 7 pm every day of the week until the end of September. Women’s Only Sessions are still available on Wednesday mornings and Sunday evenings and will be able to be booked online.

View from Bloomsbury Fitness

In all seriousness, the best part of the gym is the view from the spinning class windows

Bloomsbury Café

Bloomsbury Cafe reopened for eat-in and takeaway services. Their opening hours have been hugely reduced so the café will only be open from 11 am until 3 pm on weekdays.

Print Room Cafe

The Print Room will be reopening on the 28th of September, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favourite paninis, the pesto pasta or a Peroni in the evening. Food will be available for eat-in and takeaway, with a delicious breakfast menu available between 8 am and 11:30 am and their normal menu of pasta’s, sandwiches, and salads will served all day.

Institute Bar

Party poppers at the ready, IOE Bar/ the Institute Bar WILL be the first bar to reopen, on the 21st September. By Fresher’s Week it will be fully in action so pencil in a date with your mates to hit up everyone’s favourite brutalist building.

The bar will be serving food and drinks both inside and outside, with the huge terrace open when weather permits.

Gordons Café

Is another space that is being forecast to reopen on the 24th of September. Which means another location to pick up your favourite Panini and collect your union coffee stamps!

Aspretto (The Student Centre Café)

Food Federation UCL have confirmed the venues they will be reopening in their most recent tweet. Thankfully for all of us, Aspretto will be reopening, so we will be able to get our study coffees in between revising in the newly reopened student centre.

They will also be reopening the Rectory Café on main quad which serves Costa Coffee on campus.


A first-year staple when you’ve got no food in and you’re too hungover for a sandwich to satisfy. Dough&Go is reopening to serve their slightly odd pizza creations to the whole of campus from this week.

Planned Reopenings 

This is the current list of venues where we have confirmed dates for their reopening. However, there are plans for the following locations to open on campus during term 1. So here is where is scheduled for UCL to reopen during term one.


Regardless of your feelings on the Phineas makeover, there is nothing not to love about a messy Jazz Night or a mad one at Glittoris. We all miss those hideous, green absinth bombs and 2 for £6 Jaeger Bombs. However, whilst the Union are hoping to reopen Phineas as soon as possible, they currently do not have a confirmed date to reopen but are hoping to open before the end of Term 1.

Girls at Glittoris

We all miss Glittoris 🙁

Stone Willy’s

Sadly we will not be seeing the reopening of  Stone Willy’s, everyone’s favourite questionable fast food choice. It is another venue which the Union are hoping to open in Term One.

Tissues at the ready…

Currently, there are no plans for the scheduled openings of the Huntley, Mully’s, and the George Farha Cafe. What will we do without Karaoke night in Mully’s on a Saturday night?

Sinbin/ Loop

Whilst these are not official unionised locations on campus, the question on everyone’s mind is what is happening to Loop? At the moment ‘the Loop Bar’ itself is closed until further notice, but Sinbin has just announced they will be hosting a ‘secret freshers event’ at a ‘secret location’.

So, we shall all be watching this space to see what happens to some of our favourite beloved student night’s.

So whilst we say farewell to some of our favourite student nights in the meantime it is promising to see where UCL will reopen at the start of term.