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UCL 16th best university in the World

UCL ranks in the top 20 globally in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Times Higher Education released their World University Rankings today and UCL has pulled through in the top 20 for another year, alongside Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge. UCL ranked 16th out of over 1500 Universities ranked worldwide with institutions from over 93 countries.

Their national ranking was also in the top 5, as they came in as the 4th best university in the UK surpassing other top institutions like LSE (27th worldwide, 5th nationally),  Edinburgh (30th worldwide, 6th nationally) and Kings College London (35 worldwide, 7th nationally).

THE also ranked UCL as the second-best university in London after Imperial, coming in 11th worldwide and 3rd nationally.

Whilst UCL dropped from 15th to 16th this year, the results are still a huge success considering what an impact COVID has had upon universities in 2020. Times Higher Education highlighted how many institutions in Asia were rising up the league tables because of Chinese investment whilst institutions in the UK have struggled far more with the impact of the virus.

London, on the whole, did incredibly well within the global rankings having 5 universities in the UK Top 20 and 4 in the Global Top 50.

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