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UCL Taekwondo set to thrash KCL

Come watch us kick KCL’s ass (quite literally)

UCL Taekwondo is the biggest university Taekwondo club in the UK and has been Student National Champions for 3 years running. No biggie. It also ranked #1 in its first year as a BUCS affiliated sport (for the non-sporty readers out there, BUCS affiliation means a team's wins actually contribute to points for UCL, like rugby or lacrosse do).

Unforuntately last year, we lost our 5 year winning streak thanks to some dodgy (in our opinion) scoring. We tried contesting the scores but (conveniently) the judges were apparently unable to see a lot of the kicks UCL fighters were landing.

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Definitely easy to miss kicks like this amirite?

Wait so… what is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo's a Korean martial art that involves a lot of kicks – specifically to the head and the body.

There's a lot of spinning involved at the sport's higher levels. Have a look at this clip of Will (who only started doing Taekwondo last year) perform a turning head kick on this KCL fighter at last year's Varsity.

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Mind your head KCL – we're coming for you

Why should I come to watch Varsity?

We think the prospect of seeing King's literally having their butts kicked should be enough of a reason, but if you need more…

UCL Taekwondo is one of the most successful university martial arts clubs in the UK, so you'll be seeing some real talent if you come to watch. It's also a great chance to get to know the sport better if you're hoping to take it up yourself next year – it's a really welcoming community regardless of your ability.

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Are you fighting ready?

When: Monday 9th of March (7pm – 9pm)

Where: Somers Town Community Sports Centre

Tickets: Here

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