Here’s why you should start a StudyTube channel

No, really.

Are you studying an Arts subject? Have you ever wondered how the hell you’re going to gain employment after three years of reading Shakespeare and moonlighting as a barista? Raise your hand if you’ve always dreamed of living the Bridget Jones London life, but spent countless nights awake and worrying about how the hell you’ll afford it? Well, we have the answer for you. YouTube. Specifically, StudyTube.

Haven’t heard of it? StudyTube is a very specific cornerof the internet: if you ignore the cat videos and Britain’s Got Talent auditions, you can find the corner of YouTube carved out by sleep-deprived students who ‘vlog’ their university experience.

According to the BBC, thousands of GCSE and A Level students watch these StudyTubers to help them prepare for their exams, university applications, and for general organisation study tips. Usually at university themselves, StudyTubers create ‘content’ for younger students who are eager for support through our labyrinthine education system: notable examples include ’10 Things I Did to Get A* A* A* in my A Levels’ (Jack Edwards) and ‘How to Ace Uni/College: Top Tips’ (Eve Cornwell).

But all of this is rather beside the point, because if you’re reading this – hi, by the way – then you might already be at university. This in turn means you’ve already jumped through the hoops of pretending to understand the questions in French oral exams and waiting for months to get the “There Has Been An Update to Your UCAS” emails. You already know how to ace uni life (#smashedit). You’re in the perfect position to start your own StudyTube channel.

So, what do they have that you don’t? Well, they have the gumption. They have the will. They have the motivation. And that’s what we’re here to provide. Because here’s the twist: spending hours creating ‘Study With Me’ videos has led StudyTubers to big success. Yeah, really. If you’re stressed about starting an entry level job in PR when all you want is to be your own boss then StudyTube is a genuine option. Here’s a quick rundown of these insanely successful twenty-somethings to give you that sweet taste of envy guaranteed to make you change career paths and swap a grad scheme for a video camera:

Grace Beverley (previously known as Grace Fit UK) started her YouTube channel in 2016. She went to Oxford to study music, and now owns two multi-million dollar companies. Last year, aged 22, she bought her own house in London. We wish we were making this up.

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Jack Edwards has been on YouTube since 2015, and currently studies English at Durham University. But get this: he’s just published his first book. Aged 21, he is literally a published author – a dream that for most English students (let’s face it) never actually comes true. Oh, and he’s also a BBC presenter. Let us repeat: he hasn’t even graduated yet.

Eve Cornwell
studied Law at Bristol and now works in the City as a lawyer. She’s 22, she’s completed 2 degrees, she has 97k followers, and she’s a full-time lawyer. Oh, and she owns her own company: Millennial Coffee Club. She’s also hella fashionable (in a sort of spon. by Urban Outfitters way but it works) and she literally always looks chic. What a vibe.

Holly Gabrielle is a Cambridge University graduate who co-owns an ethical clothing brand. She’s vegan, she cares about the environment, and she is literally smashing life.

Not only do they have a large following and a great education, these StudyTubers have used their platforms to start businesses which can support them long-term. For Grace Beverley, that meant handling the stress of third year alongside being a full-time CEO to two companies. But it also meant that she became her own boss before she had even graduated. As for Eve Cornwell, she lives and breathes The Law (she has a whole series dedicated to it), but if she decided to pack it all in, she’d still have a stable job as the CEO of Millennial Coffee Club.

We live in a world defined by social media: follower count is akin to cultural capital, and profiting from that is an incredibly secure (and freeing) way to become your own boss come graduation. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get a camera and wait for your rags to turn to riches.