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Jordan from Love Island works at UCL

Imagine having Jordan teaching your Corporate Finance Seminar

After discovering that Jess from Love Island was a student at UCL, The Tab has since discovered that Jordan Waobikeze also works for the University- he's a Course Administrator for MBA students!

The Tab found the LinkedIn profiles of this year's Love Island contestants and from there it came to light that Jordan graduated from Bath University and has since been working for UCL for their Business and Finance faculty.

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He also graduated from the University of Bath

To check out whether Jordan's LinkedIn was up to date, we check Moodle and, yes, Jordan is still enrolled as a course admin!

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Jordan's Moodle Page

If you're wondering as to the ins and outs of Jordan's day to day activities working for UCL, he manages timetabling, admissions, administration as well as managing Moodle pages and MBA students.

Since his romance with Rebecca seemed on the rocks as he left the villa maybe its time to enrol for an MBA for your chance to get friendly with Jordan!