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An Ode to SOAS Bar

Why it’s the best: a critical examination

There are hundreds of clubs, thousands of bars and a potentially infinite number of pubs in London. There are good ones (Ice Wharf) and bad ones (Loop), but the best by miles is SOAS Bar and I'm going to tell you why.

I conducted extensive research into what gives a bar, pub, club or drinking establishment that je ne sais quoi that keeps people coming back, and have created a system to assess them with: the C.I.D.E.R. system. Inspecting charm, innovation, density, ease of access and refreshments, it's clear that SOAS Bar is the greatest bar in London, and perhaps in the whole damn world!

C- Charm

SOAS Bar oozes charm- it has enough charm that it could start selling its leftover charm to places that desperately need it, like the new Phineas and LSE. Murals, posters and colour adorn every wall, almost enough to make you forget the grime of central London, and more than enough to make SOAS bar stand out among its lackluster UL rivals. I should note that fans of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Brexit and Conservativism may be disappointed by the lack of a tasteful Thatcher or Churchill portrait poking out from among the heroes of the left.


I- Innovation

Whoever thought of putting a cafe in the bar deserves a Nobel prize. Thanks to this act of pure genius, you could (and should) live out your entire degree in the halls of SOAS Bar: you can get cheap food, cheap alcohol, coffee and SOAS reusable cups in one handy location. Throw in FREE vegan dishes from Hare Krishna daily and you're set.

Strong hat game from the krishnas

D- Density

Truly unique in the London scene, SOAS bar has ample to space to work, chat and mingle on both of its two floors and its luxurious smoking area. Unlike regional alternatives such as Mullys (sweaty), ULU (very sweaty) and Loop (just no), SOAS bar has a chatty atmosphere that's both friendly and inviting.

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Another happy customer

E- Ease of Access

For UCL students such as myself, SOAS bar is ideally situated, just a stone's throw from the Student Center and other inferior places to be. It may be a longer journey (read: pilgrimage) from LSE or King's, but thankfully its served by a tubes and plenty of night buses. Sadly, Non-London students can't get in.

R- Refreshments

No drinking spot is complete without drinks, and SOAS bar has an excellent selection of dependable brands and exotic brews. In a time when other pubs are worshipping sub-par beverages such as Strongbow and Amstel, SOAS bar isn't afraid to switch up the formula and bring some niche foreign options into the mix. If you're not already sold, its the cheapest alcohol you'll find outside of Cheap Mondays.

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In conclusion: we love SOAS bar- do you yourself a favour and go!!