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Loop Clubbers of the Week: Spooky Edition

Halloween loop was scarier than usual

This week everyone really got their 'freak' on in the spirit of Spooky Season. Genuinely there were disgusting scenes occurring left, right and centre and an awful lot of licking (maybe people were actually possessed?) Keep reading to see the 'ghastly' photos of the week!

Best Makeup

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How this stayed on all night beats me, what setting spray did you use?

Best Dancers

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Bets that Losing It or Mo Bamba was playing at the exact moment this was taken?

Biggest Loop Legend: the DJ

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Not only was our humble Loop DJ in the runnings for best dressed, but he's also worked there for 7 years, an admirable stint!

Best Group Photo

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There's blood, there's angels, there's Mario (possibly even a vampire?) A good good Halloween time

Best Expression

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There are no words that can do this face justice

Sports Team of the Week: Lax

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You guys literally DOMINATED the entirety of the bottom floor, big up

Lickers of the Week

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Why was everyone licking each other? Its SO sweaty 🙁

Girl Gang of the Week

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You girls certainly look like you're living your best life!

It was certainly an epic loop to take us into reading week and it definitely made for the perfect restbite from deadlines and exams! Hope you weren't too frightened by the HORRORific array of photos.

(I apologise for the amount of awful puns made in this article and congrats to anyone who featured)