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Loop’s Clubbers of the Week

You’re not the only one who’s excited about the VK bar

As Loop hits its first month under new, Sin Bin, management- its time to round up the best club shots of the week.

Best Group Photo:

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Peep the guy in the corner who's drink is definitely his priority

Most Confusing Photo of the Week

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Are these tiny oven mits or mittens for babies or hand puppets? Who Knows?

Best Photobomb

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Is the guy in the background trying to eat that girl's ear?

Most Enthusiastic about the VK bar

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Are they VK promoters or just fanatics of the blue crazy juice?

Most Stressed Loop Goer

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Bit sweaty in the bowels of loop

Most Artistic Photo EVER taken at Loop

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Where are the drunk sweaty specimens in this photo? Surely this is far too civilised to have been taken in the caverns of Loop?

Best Photo of the Week

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I mean the sheer array of emotion in this photo is just outstanding, and you can see why it is our favourite! A renaissance painting really…

Hope you enjoyed the weekly round up as much as our editor Liv enjoyed loop (she features in the cover photo)!