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Cut the Rent membership increases as prices continue to rise

It has the highest Fresher’s sign up to date

After rent prices rise yet again, Cut the Rent have their biggest fresher’s sign up ever- over 120 Freshers have signed up to cut the rent. Considering in previous years around 30 fresher's sign up at fresher's fair, its safe to say this is a considerable increase.

This is hardly surprising considering rents have risen by over 5% in certain halls. For example, Schafer rents have escalated from £178 a week to £193- and if you've ever lived in Schafer you'd know thats INCREDIBLY overpriced. Are they making you pay extra for the rats?!

Other accomodations have had similar price rises, including Ramsay, which have continuously risen even though it still hasn’t been refurbished, as promised 2 years ago.

There has also been a significant increase in the demand for halls as this year UCL are offering accommodation through 3 different Unite Halls rather than just St Pancras Way and Astor College, the new flagship hall that opened this year.

Last year Cut the Rent were able to acquire compensation for various issues within halls such as problems with damp, vermin and the need to move rooms.