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UCL are pretending to be Jeremy Bentham on LinkedIn to attract postgrads

We’ve reached peak UCL, folks

In the latest string of bizarre antics by UCL, they've been sending people LinkedIn messages from "Jeremy Bentham" to try and attract postgrad students to the University.

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Jeremy Bentham's messages from the grave, so to speak

Good old Jezza was the founder of UCL and a philosopher from the 1700s, with a lot of his work being kept in UCL libraries to this day.

UCL have definitely done some weird, borderline obsessive things to do with Bentham in recent years. For example, they gave out lampshades with his face on at last year's graduation.

On top of that, they lent his body to New York last year, and displayed his preserved head at a recent exhibition. Just a quick vacation for Jeremy in the colder months.

I'm all for celebrating the University's founder and maybe even having a cheeky mug with his face on, but I don't really fancy getting a message from the grave telling me what postgrads I can do.

But you do you UCL.