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Only 15 per cent of UCL students voted in the SU elections

We decrypted all the SU stats so you don’t have to

The Students' Union elections are never a popular topic at UCL, despite all the posters.

This year only 5,909 out of 38,250 UCL students voted, making up 15.4 per cent of the whole UCL student body.

This number is slightly less than last years highest ever turn out of 15.6 per cent of the total of UCL students. This data seems to show that the banning of the use of iPads did not have a big impact on turnout numbers.

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Out of the people who voted, the majority of them were undergraduates, with a turnout of 23.8 per cent (4,336 voters). The number contrasts with the 8.3% turnout of postgraduate taught and the 6.6 per cent of postgraduate research.

A SU representative told The Tab: "Last year we hit our record turnout (15.6 per cent) so we’re reasonably happy with this year (15.4 per cent) – although it would be great to get more people voting."

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Out of all the votes placed (28,578), there were 7,037 abstentions, meaning that not all the people who actually voted did so for all of the positions.

Voting for Women's Officer is currently open. The election had to be postponed as initially no candidates ran for the position.