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Breaking: The SU Elections Results have been announced

Only 14.2% of us voted

The results for the SU elections have been announced. Only 5,909 students voted in 2019, down from 6,763 last year.

There was more competition in this year's elections compared to previous years but a number of roles only had one candidate stand for election and no one ran for Women's Officer.

The Sabb officers elected today will take office in June and their term will run to June 2020. They will be paid £25,000 for their year in office.

The Officers for 2019-2020:

Activities Officer: D'Arcy McGuinness

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You can find her manifesto here.

Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Officer: Sandra Ogundele

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You can find her manifesto here.

Education Officer: Ashley Slanina-Davies

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You can find her manifesto here.

Your new Postgraduate Students' Officer: Jim Onyemenam

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You can find his manifesto here.

Democracy, Operations and Community Officer: Carol Paige

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You can find her manifesto here.

Welfare and International Officer: Aatikah Malik

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You can find her manifesto here.

Nominations have been re-opened for Women's Officer and a separate election will bye run from the 18th to the 22nd of March.