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iPads have been officially banned from SUUCL elections following controversies

Ding dong the witch is dead

Election season at UCL: Posters covering every surface imaginable, campaigners hassling us everywhere we go and iPads thrust into our face if we dare to stop and chat to them. But this will no longer be an issue.

iPads have officially been banned from the SUUCL elections!.

As of the last Union Council meeting SUUCL has decided to "restrict the use of portable devices in election campaigning" applicable immediately to the 2019 elections.

Last year, the use of iPads for elections was mired in controversy, with allegations of the devices being used to vote for multiple candidates, harvest extra voters, and get around campaign finance regulations.

Mahmud Rahman, Democracy, Operations and Community Officer, said "I think people make a bigger deal out of iPads than they really are."

"It’s precisely because I think its blown out of proportion and doesn't have a significant impact on the result that I've worked with a few students as part of the democracy review this year to ban the use of portable devices for candidates during campaigning. YES THAT'S RIGHT! iPads are banned in campaigning now."