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Excloosive: Phineas’ strawberry loo will be saved during its renovation

All is good in the world

Earlier this term we confirmed the devastating news that the much-frequented student bar Phineas is closing in third term for what the union has described as "redevelopment and improvement".

Naturally when we heard this news here at The London Tab, our first thought was of our beloved strawberry loo. We weren't the only ones, as this frantic response to the official union consultation shows:

Located in the girls' toilets at Phineas, the fruity faecal facility's future remained unmentioned by official SUUCL statements, leaving us in a state of terror over its unknown fate… Until now.

The Tab UCL can confirm that even after the Phineas refurb, the strawberry loo shall remain. A spokesperson for SUUCL said: "Our architects have been tasked with capturing the essence, history and culture of Phineas Bar – that clearly includes the ‘legendary’ toilet seats. We know how important these are, so they will remain a feature in the new Phineas."

So that's that – the strawberry loo is here to stay!

If you would like to have your say on the refurbishment of Phineas, visit the consultation page here before it closes on February 18th.