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Breaking: Men’s Varsity Rugby has been cancelled

Women’s Rugby will be the final fixture of Varsity instead

Following UCL Men's Rugby's disaffiliation from the UCL Union in December, we can confirm that the annual men's varsity match against King's will not take place this year.

The team was disaffiliated from the union after they made freshers sign NDA agreements before a initiations.

The team had been on probation for singing racist chants and harassing girls on the Loop bus.

A spokesperson for the Union has said: "UCL will not be fielding a Men’s Rugby team in the 2019 Varsity series.

We have been in discussions with the RUMs Men’s team to cover the pitch slot and maintain the fixture, but despite best efforts we couldn’t find a solution that worked for all parties."

That said, the Women's Varsity fixture will be going ahead as usual, so we can still bring a trophy home:

"The Women’s fixture will still take place at Allianz Park and will be the final fixture of the 2019 Varsity Series, we hope everyone will get behind our excellent women’s team and help us retain the Varsity title."