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Confirmed: Phineas to close for third term

RIP sweet prince

Student's Union UCL has informed The London Tab that the Phineas bar will close for several months from April for "redevelopment and improvement".

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Work is expected to finish in late August meaning that Phineas will remain closed until September 2019.

The refurbishment is part of a bigger development project which will also see the Lewis Building gain more "bookable student activity space" as well as building a new Advice Service.

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It is unclear which parts of the Lewis Building will be affected by the works however the SU have reassured us that the Advice Service will not face any interruptions.

Events in Phineas which were due to take place next term may be relocated, but more information is due to be released on this in early February.

In the meantime, does this mean we'll have to spend third term actually revising? Who knows.