Guide to the best Halloween Events in London

Don’t panic you still have time to find a costume

You and your liver have just about survived freshers which means it is now time for Halloween.

Halloween is the perfect time to show off to your newly acquired fresher friends quite how good you look in a Playboy bunny suit (or equally, what an amazing sense of humour you have if you’d prefer to dress head to toe as say, Chewbacca).

But where is the best palce to go to show off your amazing costume? Fear not, The London Tab has have you covered, we have all the info on the biggest and best Halloween events going on. With so many to choose from, you may need more than one costume.

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31st October – The Halloween Rave & Séance at XOYO

XOYO are a big beliver in the more the merrier so this year they've invited the dead as well as the livng to come to their Halloween rave.

They will be holdin a Séance which is when people attempt to contact the dead and invite them to enter this world. The event specifically says not to attend ‘if you are easily afraid’ so I guess it’s only for the bravest of ravers.

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31st October – Regression Sessions Halloween Fun House at Fire & Lightbox

This Vauxhall venue is back at 3000 capacity and a ball pit of doom for you all to get lost in. This will be a excelent place to go at get pictures of you in your fantastic outfit before it get destroyed by the inevitable spilled drinks.

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31st October – The Halloween Ball at KOKO.

This aged concert-venue-turned-nightclub is certainly haunted so you might even meet a couple ghosts on your night out. If not, they have a ‘Camden Ripper Trick or Treat Station’ to make up for it.

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31st October – The Halloween Rave 2018 at Ministry of Sound

This halloween rave is featuring less music than the ball, but it more than makes up for that by having a ‘ghostly co2 Cannons, Bleeding LED Walls, Synchronised Murder Visuals…’. If bleeding LED walls don’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does.

So there you go, plenty to choose from. Should you make it to all of them, I’ll take my hat (more ears/horns/wig) off to you, and remember, if nights out aren’t your thing, you’re never too old for trick-or-treating!