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Ever seen an article entitled "All the Shrek characters you'll date without realising" and thought you could write it better? Perhaps you're hysterically funny, and have been looking for a way to share your cutting social commentary with the world. Or maybe you're just highly attuned to campus gossip. If any of these sound accurate, then The Tab UCL may just be the place for you.

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We regularly break serious news stories from UCL and around London

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In August 2018 we exposed allegations of ableism against a theatre company run by UCL alumna Polly Creed.

We also covered an incident where SUUCL's LGBT+ officer was glitterbombed after a conflict over elections.

But we still know how to have fun

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We did some investigating and answered the question on everyone's lips: what on earth is the deal with the strawberry toilet in Phineas?

There's always a story in Jeremy Bentham

If you really think about it, I suppose it is quite odd that UCL's South Cloisters hold the dead body of a 19th century philosopher – but that's just the start of it.

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Early last year, Jeremy Bentham's actual head was on display for the first time this century – and we spilled all the deets.

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The student population was distraught when we broke the news that Jezza would be leaving London for a term – but rest assured, he's back where he belongs now.

Student politics at UCL is mad

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A group of left-wing squatters occupied the area outside the Provost's office for more than two weeks – and they invited the whole world to join them via an AirBnB advert.

We have constant celebrity visitors to campus

In the past year alone we've had Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland shooting a new film, notorious alumni Coldplay returning to their old halls of residence and Chris Nolan collecting an honorary doctorate.

Next time a celeb shows up, it could be you covering it!

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