UCLove has been taken down but don’t worry, it’s coming back

How will we survive without it?

Bored UCL students hoping for a bit of summer gossip were shocked to discover that the legendary UCLove page has disappeared from Facebook.

The page has been unpublished by the mysterious anonymous administrators.

The iconic page is an integral part of UCL life with posts ranging from confessions of unrequited love (or sexual fantasies), to rants about exams, to bad memes.

So why did a page that was so popular get taken down?

Shortly before the page disappeared the administrators posted a message explaining the closure.

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In the post, the admin team explains that they do not like what UCLove has become. They stated that “this isn’t what we wanted UCLove to be… the majority of confessions being sent in are just hate.”

They went on to explain that “we want people to feel happy looking at this page – not frustrated or annoyed.”

In order to do this the admin team has decided to close the page so that they have time to “properly set guidelines” for posts and come up with a moderating system.

But the most important information in the post was that it confirmed that UCLove will be coming back soon.

The admin team reassured everyone that the page will only be closed for “the next few days or so.”

So hopefully we will only be deprived of UCLove for another day or two.

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