What to expect from Farr Festival this year

It’s basically what you wouldn’t expect from a music festival

In two weeks, the hidden Farr Forest in Hertfordshire will open its proverbial doors to punters bringing only good vibes. It's due to be an absolutely scorching weekend, so pack your suncream and leave the wellies behind, as this isn't like your usual muddy, smelly festival.

Expect a laid back, cool atmosphere with an absolutely incredible line up and some bougie extras that you won't find at your average festival.

Tickets are still available here.


There will be six stages of incredible music over the weekend, including Mount Kimbie, Tom Misch, Dixon, Daphni, Hunee, Maribou State, Moodyman, Zip, George Fitzgerald (live) and many more.

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Farr Festival is also getting louder. There will be increased sound levels at noise sensitive locations off-site from 46db to 50db. This will increase on-site levels with front of house being 96/98db after 23:00. Basically, the tunes are gonna absolutely bang.


Don't worry about getting wet and muddy at Farr this year. Not only is the weather predicted to be absolutely beaut, but there are also showers on site, the luxury Hotel Bell Tent, and camper van access.

Daytime activities

Farr is providing the opportunity to get your pump on before you boogie with the Midnight Runners Rave Run. This summer at Farr Festival 2018 – Midnight Runners will host a 6K Rave Run with three bootcamp-style exercise stops, all to a banging and specially curated Farr Festival soundtrack.

The run takes place at 16:00 on Saturday 7th July – Head over to the House of Dinosaurs to take part.

Okay this like the bougiest thing you could imagine at a festival: hot tubs. No joke, at Farr this year you can chill in an actual hot tub as a hangover cure. Get me there now.

If that isn't chilled enough for you, there will also be plenty of opportunities to join in with yoga and meditation sessions throughout the weekend.

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Food and drink

There are literally too many food stalls to list, but there's a ridiculous choice for vegans, veggies and meat eaters alike from all over the world. You can even get a smoothie is juice cleansing a hangover is your thing. I'm more of a bacon sarnie man myself (those are on offer too).


If you happen to turn up without your waviest garms, or if you just decide to refresh your wardrobe while you're at Farr, then not to worry. There are dozens of vintage, sparkle heavy, creative shops at the festival waiting for you. Just take my money now.

Tier three tickets are still available here.