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UCL’s BNOC of the year 2018: Group Two

Fresh out of the oven

You heard right, we've got a fresh batch of BNOCs for you guys to vote on before we reach the final showdown. So without further ado: UCL's BNOC of the year 2018 group two!

Will Jefferies, Natural Sciences, First Year

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Will Jefferies, the man, the woman, the legend. He's the life of Glittoris. Sure he may look 12 years old, but this fresher is a party animal, moonlighting as Lusty Jenny, stealer of hearts and amateur drag queen extraordinaire. He's a member of the Comedy Club committee, and during his tenure has sucked off a banana with a condom on it in front of 50 people (the things he'll do for comedy), as well as showing up to the Arts Boat Ball and slaying with lime green lipstick. Why? Who knows, he's just that wild.

Alexandra Lily Fraser, Classics, Third Year

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This UCL Lacrosse committee member's chunder chart spans every building on campus, because like with Pokemon, ALF wants to catch them all. A big fan of 'work hard, play hard,' she's most likely to be spotted in the Bloomsbury Cafe, Science Library, napping in Phineas on a Thursday morning – or just in the UCL Sports naked calendar. Her rivalry with the President of King's Lacrosse is legendary, because alongside being your typical Strand Poly student, he's also (gasp) her brother.

Nick Lising White, Geography, First Year

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Described by his flatmate as 'the hottest guy in Connaught Hall, but not a tool,' this first team rugby boy holds the Connaught record for most unrequited female loves in Freshers Week. A BNOC in the making, he's never not smiling, and spreads this enthusiasm to others, as he helps to run a charity for street kids. Nevertheless, Mr Lising-White won't let his grades slip, as he seems to be following a work-hard, play-hard mantra.

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