UCL Engineering students get two hour resit after not being given formula books in original exam

Second time’s the charm!

The Engineering Department has decided to give students the opportunity to re-sit a math exam after they failed to give students a formula book in the original exam.

First year engineering students will now be able to chose to re-sit Mathematical Modelling and Analysis I (ENG103P).

Students doing ENG103P in the Excel centre were not given the 30 page formula book they needed to answer the exam questions.

The new two hour exam has been provisionally scheduled to take place at the end of the exam period on the 23rd of May.

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In a email sent to students about the "Exam re-run," the department explained that they were aware that there would be some students who would not be free on this date but because of the difficulties of scheduling exam so quickly this was the only date they could offer:

"I appreciate that some people will have already made other arrangements and will not be able to attend on this date, however this is unfortunately the only available slot for an exam of this scale without creating clashes."

The email goes on to explain that even if students are unable to make it to the re-sit, they will not be too disadvantaged, as the exam marks will be re-scaled to be in line with previous years averages.

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The department states that with the re-sit opportunity and the re-scaled marking "no one will be disadvantaged" by "the issues in the exam hall."

The department ends the email by apologising to students about the "unfortunate error" they experienced.

Second year engineering students have also had problems with their Mathematical and Analysis paper.

Three out of four questions had errors in them and they were given the wrong formula book.

The Engineering department is currently looking into these problems and has not decided if second year students will be able to re-sit their exam.

If any of your exams have had issues let us know by messaging The Tab London.