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Things you’ll 100 per cent relate to if you’re at uni with your best friend from home

Everyone says not to do it, but they’re wrong.

People seem to be obsessed with the idea that at university you'll “make friends for life”, as though everyone you’ve associated with over the 18 years leading up to Freshers’ week disappears the moment you set foot on campus. So what happens when you and your best friend from school end up at the same uni?

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Friends who prom together stay together

We're living every best friend duo's childhood dream

Whilst all childhood friends daydream about their intertwined adult lives, we weren't even consciously hoping we'd go to the same uni. We just happened to both value the same things and ended up at UCL together. By some crazy coincidence, we were also put in the same halls, so we can practically have catchups through our kitchen windows.

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Being at uni together has made us closer than ever

I can't speak for her, but I've loved (nearly) every second of it. Sure, there are downsides. She has dozens of embarrassing stories to tell about me, and knows exactly what to ask in truth or dare. And it could've been tempting to use each other as a way to avoid making new friends at the start of the year, but I think we’ve both successfully dodged that. If anything, we’ve managed to get to know more people by pilfering each other’s flat and course mates.

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We've always got each other's backs

Sure, we would have both coped perfectly well on our own in different cities. But I wouldn’t have had someone who felt confident enough from the very beginning to tell me to get a grip if I was being pathetic, or someone I didn’t feel bad asking to cook me pasta when I was feeling really ill. We’re also getting to live in one of the best cities in the world together, which is insane. Even my mum was happier knowing I’d have someone to walk home with during Freshers’ week!

They already know everything.

You know when drama happens at home over a break, or an old flame pops up 18 months after you last spoke to them and you have to spend three hours catching your uni friends up with all the history before you can freak out about the current situation? Yeah, we don't have to do that. 9 times out of 10 "You won't believe who just texted me" is greeted by an eerily accurate guess, and the appropriate levels of screeching. Sure, story time is usually fun with new friends, but sometimes you just need that immediate reaction/proffered glass of wine to get through the situation.

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Totally sober xo

I suppose there are two years of uni left to go, so there’s still a chance that we’ll have a horrendous, completely university-related falling-out and never speak to each other again. Look out for a far more pessimistic Tab article on this subject if that happens. But to tell you the incredibly cringey truth, I can’t imagine the uni experience without her.

And at least I've had one housemate for next year sorted since Freshers' Week.