UCL remains in the top 10 in University Rankings

We are obviously ranked 16 places higher than King’s

UCL has been ranked the 10th best university in the UK in The Complete University Guide 2019, dropping three places from last year.

UCL scored a total of 870 points out of a possible 1,000, compared to 909 points in the 2018 League Table.

One of the main reasons for UCL's drop in rankings was because the guide was unable to give UCL a score for Student Satisfaction.

The score for Student Satisfaction is taken from the National Student survey which the majority of UCL students boycotted this year because its impact on UCL's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) grade.

The Student Satisfaction score, alongside graduate employment statistics, are used by the government to help determine a University's TEF ranking.

If a university is given a Bronze, Silver or Gold TEF ranking, they are allowed to raise their undergraduate fees in line with inflation above the £9,000 cap.

UCL currently holds a Silver TEF ranking and has undergraduate fees £9,250.

Another area UCL scored poorly in was on Facilities Spend , which measured how much the university spent per student on services, such as Careers Help, Disability Services and Psychological Services.

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UCL's lack of spending on services, especially Student Psychological services, has caused a lot of outrage among students this year and led to the formation of student activist group, Fund Our Mental Health Services.

UCL continued to receive high scores for graduate prospects and academic research.

The other universities ranked in the top 10 remained the same as last year but there was some movement in the ranks, with St Andrew's notably dropping out of the Top Three.

King's College London, like UCL, saw a drop in their ranking this year moving down five places from 21st to 26th.

Cambridge remains at the top of the league for an 8th consecutive year with a bitter Oxford remaining in second.