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Revealed: UCL is the most active London uni on Bumble, because nobody wants to match with a King’s student

UCL is also the third most active uni in the country, so things are looking up if you’re on the hunt for love

It has finally been revealed: UCL is third most active university in the country on Bumble, probably because we’re in the Library too much to meet our true love at Loop. UCL is also the most active London universityon the dating app too, obviously because no one is willing to match with a King’s student.

If you’ve noticed that your Tinder matches are looking a little sparse recently, it could be because everyone has switched to Bumble, the dating app which makes girls send the first message.

The results are in: Bumble have revealed their most active UK universities. UCL comes in third on the recently published list of the most active unis on the app, with Kings sitting pretty low down in eighth spot.

Meanwhile Bristol is home to the majority of Bumble users, with Exeter coming a close second. Oxford University also ranked in the top then, perhaps a surprise that they can find the time alongside their heavy workload, but also showing that truly nothing can put a stop to young love.

If you’re on the lookout for love in London, it seems that now is your chance to get swiping; you’ve only got another four months to get lucky before exams start and this academic year ends.

Read more here and see the full league table below: