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Nick Clegg to speak at UCL on how to ‘stop’ Brexit

It’s free, unlike university

Later this month, Nick Clegg will be giving a lecture at UCL, titled 'How to stop Brexit'.

Clegg is due to speak on Thursday 25th January at 6.15pm in the Cruciform Building. Free tickets can be booked here.

As part of UCL's Department of Political Science Policy and Practice lecture series, Clegg will be talking on how we can reverse 2016's Brexit vote, the topic of his new book.

It seems after losing his Sheffield Hallam seat to now-disgraced Jared O'Mara in last year's General Election, the ex-Lib Dem leader has plenty of time on his hands.

Clegg is expected to argue the British public are free to – and should – exercise their right to continuous democracy, by challenging the notion the results of the non-binding Brexit referendum are final. The official event on Facebook says: "Calmly and rationally, [Clegg] will explain precisely how this historic mistake can be reversed – and what you can do to make sure that it is."

This is one of Clegg's more appealing political stances for the majority of students, as research has shown that for every student who voted to leave the EU, six voted to remain.

His decision to back an increase in tuition fees to £9,000 as part of the coalition government, on the other hand, was widely shunned by young people affected by the decision, and also led to the creation of the "I'm Sorry" video and its associated meme song.