Flooding causes indoor rain at UCL’s Ramsay Hall

The uni have insisted it was an “isolated incident”

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Flooding at UCL’s Ramsay Hall accommodation got so bad that there has been indoor rain, with conflicting reports on the cause and frequency of this.

The halls – where room rents for the academic year average at over £8,500 – have been stricken with flooding, as shown by this video filmed by a current resident.

UCL have insisted that flooding was an isolated incident, and unintentionally caused by a student.

Due to connections with UCL, residents wish to maintain their anonymity. They have alleged a wide range of problems exist including toilets that regularly flood, faulty piping and, most recently, rain from the ceiling.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, recalled walking back to his halls with an umbrella, as it had been raining earlier. He said: “My umbrella was closed for my whole walk – I actually had to open it when I got inside.”

He went on to say that UCL “will not act…without external pressure” with regards to this issue.

However, when contacted for comment by The Tab, UCL gave the following statement:

“We can confirm that the Hall in the video is Ramsay Hall. The incident in the video was isolated and caused inadvertently by a student. It was responded to and dealt with by UCL in an acceptable timeframe, with alternate facilities provided in the interim for those residents affected.

“UCL Accommodation now has a fresh focus on what matters to its residents and maintains a positive and engaging relationship both with them and with UCLU.”