Meet the UCLU Men’s Water Polo Team ready to break records

Bumpin’ and Jumpin’ to the top; watch out King’s


At 9pm on the 12th of March, Men’s Water Polo is going for a record at York Hall… most goals scored at a Varsity match. Having run through the season unbeaten and heading into the semi-finals of the BUCS cup, the team are feeling prepared to blow King’s out of the water, (having done so twice already this year).

We caught up with the team preparing to go down in the record books:

Oscar, 19, BA Philosophy, second year


Having once been described as an episode of Eastenders between two white posts in a school paper, this loud and proud keeper is looking to stop King’s from making an appearance on the scoreboard. You will usually find him on the dance floor at Loop getting a bit too into a song, or quietly panicking over the complexities of his futile degree. With an uncanny ability to save shots with his face, King’s had better bring their ‘A game’ if they want to score anything other than zero.

Philip Redford-Jones, 21, BSc Natural Sciences, third year

Right Wing

Looking like he has just stepped out of Peaky Blinders, this tricky winger is one to watch. Notorious for pulling off lobs and tricks mid game, you literally have to drown him to get the ball. Even when you think you have him cornered, in a physics-defying flash he’ll put the ball in the back of the net. If you don’t catch him in the pool, you can find Phil in the front row of a Boiler Room set.

Dani Megias, 20, MSci Mathematics and Economics, second year

Right Driver (Captain)

Our ever consistent and beloved el captain, Dani is one of the most surprising players in the team. His cool and calm demeanour lull the opposition into a false sense of security, before a pinpoint pass or rocket shot is delivered, wreaking havoc amongst the defence. An interesting fact about Big D is his favourite song, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas, which he persistently tries to get played at ULU, to no avail.

Omiros Pantazis, 24, MSci Machine Learning

Pit Defender

The physical embodiment of Zeus, Omi is unstoppable when he wants. With a shot like a thunderbolt, this espresso-fuelled coder is a force to be reckoned with. Each shot threatens a broken arm for anyone who dares stand in his way. When not scoring absolute screamers, you will usually find Omi submitting deadlines with a minute to spare.

Jordan Lim, 21, BSc Economics, third year

Left Driver

Jordan has been a long-standing member of the club throughout his years at UCL. Having been a member of 2 Varsity winning teams, Jordan is looking to make it three for three. If he isn’t shooting from behind 7 metres you will find him flying to Switzerland or his native Singapore, all for the sake of a job interview. One day we expect Lim Industries to be the exclusive sponsor of UCLU Water Polo.

Rowland Williams, 22, MSci Biological Sciences, fourth year

Left Wing

Having spent a year abroad in Canada, RowLad has come back to the club with a vengeance. With pace to match Michael Phelps, this one-man mission slices and dices his way through opposition defences, throwing in the odd back-heel to control any wayward passes. When not winning swim offs, Rowland can be found cracking jokes on our various trips around the country.

Kristof Kutasi, 21, MSci Mathematics and Economics, third year

Pit Attack

Probably the tallest player we have ever had on the team. Our current President has been likened to the Kraken when playing. With the ball outstretched in his long arms, defenders fruitlessly chase it like a kitten seeking a feather; only to have their hopes dashed when it ends up in the top corner. What’s most impressive about Kristof is that the majority of his goals are scored with his head underwater.

Matyas Juhasz, 21, MSci Mathematics and Economics, third year

Right Wing

A former triathlete and treasure, Matyas has been the source of many a players gut-wrenching exhaustion on a Wednesday afternoon fitness session at Oasis. His wiry frame and engine-like lungs prevent him from ever getting tired, leading opponents to play dirty just to get a break. His left-handedness causes confusion for at least half the match, so be sure to see this Hungarian monster slipping in a couple of shots near the post.

Rono To, 19, BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering, first year

Right Driver

Quiet, suffocating… deadly. These 3 words sum up Big Ren as a player. Any King’s player that is unfortunate enough to get marked by this machine is in for a rough day. Without a word, he will quietly dispatch any hope you have of scoring, before unleashing an absolute sledgehammer of a right arm to fire the ball through the net, before peacefully swimming back to the half to repeat the same process, like a well-oiled machine.

Tan Tai Joum, 22, MBBS Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine, second year

Pit Defender

Any pass King’s attempt across the goalmouth will undoubtedly be picked off by TJ. A relentless defender with a bounce shot to idolise, this embodiment of passion will undoubtedly let King’s know he is here and not to be messed with. His surgical study comes into play when he dissects opposition attacks, leaving them hopeless and floundering.

Vincent Chaglasyan, 19, Information Management for Business, second year

Left Driver

Our current mixed team captain, Vincey Vince was unfortunately injured for the first half of the season. However he is back and ready to rip it up at Varsity. An never-ending source of pressure for any ball carrier, he will be hoping to force a mistake and counter with a dynamite shot… that will not hit the post.

James Bolland, 22, MSci Natural Sciences

Left Wing

Having lifted the Varsity trophy at the Olympic pool, York Hall might be a step down in venue for this final year veteran. However, this will not deter him from displaying all of the tricks he has learnt over the years. As a lynchpin for the mixed team, James provides assist after assist with the odd goal thrown in here, there and… everywhere. It’s these skills that will aid the Men’s Team in putting King’s in their place come the 12th of March.

Kazmer Nagy-Betegh, 19, MSci Electrical and Electronic Engineering, first year

Pit Attack

Big Dog Kaz will undoubtedly be accompanied to the game by a multitude of adoring female fans, all waiting to see him arrive poolside in his infamous neon-green slides. When not wrestling with defenders, you can find Kazmer looking for the best ‘supper’ spots around, with an open invitation at the ready.

Men’s Water Polo Varsity takes place on Sunday 12th of March at York Hall (E2), starting at 9:00pm – you can get tickets here. The Women’s match starts at 8pm.