All the reasons why Lewisham is undoubtedly the best borough in London

Livin’ la vida Lewisham

Having been a Lewisham local for the past five and a half years now has been, and continues to be, a real eye opener. Before moving here, Lewisham was just a mere borough in which I would pass through to get to somewhere else.

However, living in the borough itself has changed my views around dramatically. Not only have I had room to acknowledge how culturally diverse it is but I have now come to terms with it being the place, I call home.

Here’s every reason why Lewisham is the best borough in London.

Venue or The Rose?

Lewisham nightlife can get very hectic and it is a town that never sleeps. Whether you are walking around at nine in the evening or at three in the morning, you can guarantee to see a group of ladies supporting one another in heels or a stumbling drunk finding their way home.

You can’t blame them though when there is so much to choose from. Starting with Venue, a huge club with rooms playing everything from house to rhythm and blues, to pubs on every street corner, you can never be bored.

Tomi’s Kitchen and all the other amazing restaurants

The food here is as diverse as the people, ranging from the local fish and chips shop to the best Chinese your tastebuds will ever get to experience. There’s Caribbean food which makes you feel as if you are actually on one of the many Caribbean islands. Last but definitely not least some of the best African cuisine.

This opinion isn’t biased as many people not only come to eat in the borough, but they also come to shop at the markets. These sell just about any fruit or vegetable one could possibly be looking for, and foods which can be found both within the UK and internationally.

The hilly fields

Lewisham, formerly known as “Levesham”, has existed since the Saxons, which is a whopping 274 years ago. No wonder some of the names of the local roads here sound so ancient. In terms of names, as a Lewisham local I have always wondered where the name “Ladywell” derived from.

How enlightening to discover that the name originated from the existence of an actual well “ Our Lady’s well” which was up and running on what we now refer to as the “hilly fields”. On to the famous Lewisham clock tower and how that came about, well you would be pleased to know that the tower symbolises the commemoration of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee in 1897. What a history Lewisham has.

The lovely Lewisham life

Lewisham is home to many cultures, races, genders and religions – and when you join all of these together you build a strong community.

Community is something that many locals will tell you we have a great sense of. Living in Lewisham is nothing but a great experience. Sure, it’s not the most fancy or the most aesthetically pleasing borough of London, but behind every market stall, every monument and every street name there is a story.

What will your story be? You will never know unless you are “Living la Vida Lewisham”.