UCL sports societies are going #Blonde to raise money for Mind

Blondes do have more fun

In a race to raise as much money as possible for the mental health charity, Mind, various UCL sports societies have made a bid to dye their hair blonde.

Mind is a mental health charity providing advice and support for people suffering from mental health issues, and campaigning to raise awareness, improve services and promote understanding of mental health issues.

A recent petition on the UCLU website has highlighted the issues of understaffing in regards to student’s mental health support at UCL, which stated: “Only two thirds of the students who register to receive support from Student Psychological Services are ever actually seen, and even then only after at least six weeks waiting.”


Snow-sports started off the campaign two weeks ago, and have currently raised over £1,100 so far, nominating other societies to join their mission.

Men’s Rugby

Rumours have it, the Men’s Rugby are joining the fun…let’s not deny we would love to see them rocking bleach-blonde hair with those suits at Sports Night.

American Football

The boys have stated: “We want to show that it’s the insides of our heads that actually matters, no matter how ridiculous the outsides might look.”

To help make their embarrassing selves worth it, donate to their campaign.


The brave LAX boys and girls, 29 of them to be exact, have combined their dyeing extravaganza with nothing else than a post-bleach Loop trip to celebrate. Check out their fundraising, along with some amazing descriptions of those taking part, here.

Yellow heads would complete the outfit…

Because of Mind, millions more people have access to advice and support thanks to their information and services nationally and locally, in England and Wales.

From 2015-2016, over 16.7 million people visited their website, and over 60,000 queries were answered via their helpline. And the impact was significant across multiple sectors.

Mental health is a great issue among young people, particularly university. According to the Guardian, more than 43,000 students had counselling at Russell Group universities in 2014-15, compared to 34,000 three years earlier.

The 28 per cent jump in university students seeking counselling coincides has been linked to the trebling of tuition fees in 2011.

Can’t decide who to donate to? May as well go for all four then.