The best boogie and workout in town is at XOYO’s Yoncé night

It provides you with the complete Beyoncé experience

You may love to hate the idea of a night dedicated to Beyoncé, or if you are like me, you have no shame in absolutely loving every second and not being afraid to show it.

On a Wednesday evening every month, XOYO is transformed into a shrine for Beyoncé, and the clubbers become her worshippers, tribute acts, and really bad singers and dancers. It’s all in the guise of any other ordinary student night, except maybe the Beyoncé masks and figures (perfect photo opportunity) give it away.

You know how everyone always says that pre-drinks are the best part of a night, well this is basically that but you are already drunk and can trust the music. As soon as you walk in, you feel amongst your own, 99 per cent of the people – the other one per cent have been forced – are there in shared love for an icon.

The evening goes in stages. As your hand starts to shimmer to ‘Single Ladies’ you realise the only better night would be a Beyoncé concert, but even this could top it because you have no obligation to focus on anyone else’s dance moves. There is no option to be reserved, unless you want to be pushed around by the oblivious belters with their eyes shut.

The well-known songs blast and you’re inner basic bitch comes out whilst you look ashamed at a few friends because they can’t remember the words. The songs get ever so slightly more niche, but really they are still anthems and the club begins to unify as you start to dance and drop it with strangers.

You then remember that Beyoncé was in Destiny’s Child, run back to your friends and thank the gods, just as they blast out ‘Say My Name.’ As the night progresses, even if you are not a B lover (I’m not sure how this is possible?) you will appreciate the other Kanye and old school hits they play. You will probably need a quick water and air break (definitely taken on a non-Beyoncè song), but also be conscious that there is no time to waste.

You end the night on the high street, prowling the kebab shops because you have worked up an extreme appetite, looking like you’ve been in the gym for hours with near to collapsing limbs. All in all, signs of an excellent evening.

Even if you are not a hard-core Beyoncé fan it’s worth a try, I promise you will quickly Countdown to the next..