Women’s Rugby are hosting a charity beer pong event

Forget Varsity, this is the big time

In the great university tradition of off the wall fundraising, UCLU Women’s Rugby are hosting an inter-club charity beer pong tournament.

In the same vein as the EFS beer pong tournaments of old, 16 UCLU, SSEES, and RUMS sports teams will battle it out at Belushi’s Camden to settle the question of which team is the ultimate UCL beer pong champion.

The night’s theme is London Underground stations, with each team having been allocated a station before the big event – special mentions to Women’s Hockey who have braved Cockfosters – and a prize being awarded for the best dressed society.

The setup

The setup

The organisers, Tanis, Ursula, and Kate, have also arranged for prizes to be awarded to the winning society, a prize for the best individual pong-er, and discounted Roxy entry for those still standing by the end of the evening.

The event, which starts at 8pm on Monday 5th December, is being run in aid of The Society for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases (MPS Society) and is open not only for the competitors but also to spectators.

A spokesperson for the organising committee said: “Our Volunteering Officer, Kate Bovey, along with her family, have used MPS Society as a means of aiding research and fundraising for the disease. Kate and her family have Fabry Disease.”

Women's Rugby supporting Pride in Sport

Women’s Rugby supporting Pride in Sport

They continued: “Kate is missing an enzyme and this is replaced with fortnightly IV infusions and regular hospital visits.

“So as you can see, we would like to do as much as we can to support this charity.

“We’re so excited about the tournament and to finally put to rest which sports team is the best at beer pong.

“We’ve already raised lots of money for MPS society and are looking forward to hopefully raising even more on the night!”

For those looking to brush up on the beer pong skills, last year’s EFS champions, CP and Shay, reckon that the key to success is to maximise the arc on the ball, rather than just hurling it in a straight line, and that putting spin on it isn’t necessarily the best idea.