Everything you see at Loop at midday

‘It’s basically like an up-market Wetherspoons’

If there’s one thing that unites UCL students, it’s the classic Wednesday Sports Night at Loop Bar, just off Oxford Circus.

By night, the three floored club turns into a micro Sodom and Gomorrah, but by day it’s a restaurant that according to its website, serves “mouth-watering dishes”.

To find out more, The Tab headed over at midday, to find out the differences between Loop by day and Loop by night.

There wasn’t a queue


Must have beaten the Loop bus…

We got in without an I.D or a full body search


The queues had yet to arrive

After three years of uni, I was half-expecting a full body frisk by an overly-aggressive bouncer and a five pound entry fee. However, this time we were allowed straight in, for free no less- maybe we were on the guest list?

Only upstairs was open


Dw, we managed to get a cheeky look

We tried to head downstairs for a few pints but the bar staff called as back, apparently it’s reserved for night time debauchery only.

They serve food


Seeing as they serve food during the day, we had to try some. Ordering three burgers, we waited with anticipation until it arrived. The food was basically like an up-market Wetherspoons and but charged a hell of a lot more.

The toilets were disconcertingly quiet

Without a toilet attendent I had to dry my hands on my trousers

There was no attendant in the toilet handing out paper towels or aftershave- I had to use hand-soap and the dryer instead.

They’re not as keen to serve shots…

Dab for the Tab

Dab for the Tab

Thinking it would be business as usual, I asked the bartender for three Jaeger-bombs but the withering look and shake of the head told me that was an evening special. We therefore had to resign ourselves to tap water…