Cards Against UCL

“The Tab London are so desperate, they’ll publish a novelty card game about ___”

With Reading Week around the corner, student loans being spread increasingly thin, and every Halloween party ever coming up you’d be forgiven for getting bored of playing the same three games at pre-drinks – after all, how many times can you hear the same Never Have I Ever stories about shitting yourself?

Fortunately the great and good of The Tab London collectively sacked off their readings and dissertation prep to bring you Cards Against UCL, a hyper-local variant of everyone’s favourite party game for morally deplorable people. For those unfamiliar with the rules, they can be found here, but basically the aim is to make as shocking/funny/offensive a combination as possible.

For maximum hilarity we would recommend printing them out and mixing them up with your regular deck for the next time your ULU pre-drinks run dry.