The far-right Neitzsche Club returns to UCL!

Their posters have appeared all around campus

Posters advertising the infamous Nietzsche Club have been spotted around UCL. The group, originally known as “Tradition UCL” put up similar posters right at the beginning of term.

The provocative posters claim “equality is a false god” and cite far-right philosophers Julius Evola, Nick Land as well as Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche, the group’s namesake, is particularly notorious for having influenced the German and Italian fascist movements.

One of Nietzsche Club's new designs

One of Nietzsche Club’s new designs

Nietzsche Club had previously come under fire from the Union for its purported links to fascism and far-right ideology and was banned for two years following a Union Council meeting in June 2014.

The motion was passed as part of an extended Union campaign to stamp out fascism following the death of Lee Rigby.

The Nietzsche Club has since toned down its publicity material

The Nietzsche Club has since toned down its publicity material

Previously UCLU had ruled that there was “no meaningful distinction” between the ideologies of Nietzsche Club’s favoured philosophers and that of fascism, leading to a lengthy ban on the group organising or meeting on campus.

However, as the ban has now been spent it remains to be seen whether or not they will organise on campus again.