UCL are going to close the Wilkins Garden Roof Marquee

They aren’t even replacing it

The Wilkins Garden Roof Marquee is to permanently close in Term Two, with no replacements given for the societies already using the space, much to the disappointment of many students who were present.

Following the closure of the Garage Theatre back in April 2014 and the continued closure of Bloomsbury Theatre, the Wilkins Garden Roof Marquee (located off the South Cloisters) comes as yet another blow to UCLU’s arts societies – many of whom stage shows and host both classes and rehearsals there.

Bad news for arts societies. In Term 2 the Wilkins Garden Roof Marquee will be permanently closed with no replacement given 🙁 #NoSpace

— Pi Media | UCL (@pi_media) 6 October 2016

The lack of replacement will cause society presidents to update rehearsal and class times, potentially straining UCL’s already failing room-booking system.

As of yet there have been no plans to replace the lost space.